How To Style: #MyVegasStyle (Part 1 of 4: My Arrival)

Hello lovelies.  Sorry for the lack of posting, I haven’t been feeling to well lately.  Anyway, I’m waiting on some photos for a collab that I did this past week including BETTER photos for’s AMAZING glasses but until then, here is a style post that I did for’s “My Vegas Style #MyVegasStyle” Campaign back in Summer of 2014 where I “stayed a week” in Las Vegas and showed my outfits from the beginning of the trip to the end! Check it out!

This first look (part one of four my arrival) is my arriving in Las Vegas and heading to my motel room on day one!








I do not remember the name of the photographer.

Pants: Forever 21
Feather Necklace: I’m A Jerk Industries / Rose Pendleton Clothing
Crop Top: Forever 21
Shoes: I <3 Shoes (eBay)
Earrings: Nectar Clothing
Bracelet: Vintage
Sunglasses: Rosie Says Hello Shop (SOLD OUT)

Hype this look

Also, I NEVER want to lose ANY of my content EVER again, so if you haven’t been to yet, all my photoshoots, red carpet events, videos, movie information, etc. is starting to go up.  Sorry if my websites are confusing to anyone I’m trying to fix that as best as possible. That is why & look similar.  They are supposed to be the same website except does not have a blog (it’s the “content” section) and will soon not have content but just a blog.  The navigation is similar so if you just look around you should figure it out.  If you have any ideas of how to make it not so confusing to people let me know. I’m doing this because Rosie Says Hello is going to have more than just ME featured on it once I get going whereas is my portfolio and I will be sending clients, filmmakers, photographers, etc. there rather than here, xo

If you wonder why I struggle with my websites and keep deleting the content and starting over it’s because I have OCD and I’m trying to be organized but really it just creates more work for me.

YouTube: rosiesayshello

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