Personal Style: Summer Roar

Hi guys! I’m having a few problems getting access to my and I’m waiting on all my content from my old blog ( and I’m not sure how long it’s going to take.  Plus a lot of these clothing (and shoes) have gone missing since I’ve moved several times (a total of FOUR!) in the past year. This first personal style look is from 2013!

I am still so obsessed with this gray shirt from Love Culture.  It goes well with anything and even though purple is my favorite color of all time, half my closet is purple and the other half is gray! Gray is my all time favorite color for clothing! I noticed I take a LOT of photos when I document my outfits, so I’m posting a total of five here on my blog and you can view ALL the photos on my Flickr or Facebook page!

sorry for the bad photo quality, they are overly sharpened, a bit underexposed and low pixel quality.

Full View
20130727-172339.jpg20130727-172519.jpg 20130727-172443.jpg 20130727-172403.jpg

Side View

Rear View

20130727-194331.jpg 20130727-173614.jpg20130727-172638.jpg20130727-172551.jpg

This was my first outfit using my gray overshirt.  There were MANY more after this before I finally stopped wearing it everyday. I no longer have that bra, the boots are broken (but fixable), & unfortunately my shorts are a tad too small now.

For the other 10 photos from this look, you can visit this Flickr album or this Facebook album.

Fedora: Vintage Store (Vans)
Necklace: Vintage Store
Bra: Forever 21
Shirt: Love Culture
Shorts: Jungle Thread (Levi’s)
Boots: eBay (Laundry List)

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