Beauty: Birthday Makeup Haul

Hey guys! So I got some new makeup for my birthday this past weekend and I’m not sure why all the photos came out low quality :/ but I wanted to share what I got with you anyway!

My mom gave me this little kit of Honey Almond shower supplies including scrub, gel, lotion, bubble bath and a scrubber! So excited to use it :)

Then I LOVE these Wet N Wild cream eye shadows! They are so amazing and go on so smooth they are gorgeous! I got “Techno” which is a purple & “Envy” which is a green. 

The nail polishes are also purple & green haha. Nuclear & Vio-last :) by Coverlgirl

My new favorite lipstick is Violet Frenzy by Revlon it’s so pretty! I was so obsessed I started kissing everything! I also replaced my Sweet Nectar (Orange) and got a bright Barbie pink Matte Orchid which really is Barbie pink!

I finally cleaned out my storage and got my actual makeup bag. So now I have all my lipsticks again… Oh the rest of my makeup too haha.

The last thing I got were some new bamboo brushes :) and new sponges.  So in love with everything. Birthday dreams do come true! xo


Just Sayin’ Hello: My Big Move

Hey everyone! So I wanted to update you guys a bit on my personal life. I got a new car! Finally, because a month without one was horrible :/  I’m also going to be moving into an actual bedroom soon instead of sleeping on a couch HA! Can’t wait for that one… Also, more importantly… I’m going to be MOVING my blog to a within the next few weeks.  I’m going to have this site redirected so… you shouldn’t need to update your links or anything. However, if you are following me on I’m not sure you will be following me anymore! In order to keep following me you should follow me on Bloglovin click this link here! You should probably follow me over there anyways because before I leave I’m going to host one more giveaway! So exciting. You can read all about it in my next post :)

Other than that I’m trying to get I’m A Jerk Industries all settled in again.  First I have to rebuy the domain because with my hectic lifestyle I somehow managed to let it expire… :/ Also if you remember I’m A Jerk Magazine, I’m going to be restarting that as well! I’m not sure when that will be released, it may take a while, but here are some old covers from the previous issues incase you’re curious :)







So. Yes, also… I have some new things coming out soon. But i’m not telling you what or when. Let’s just say it’s some clothing and some accessories :) Follow me on Bloglovin for more blog posts and stay tuned for that giveaway! :D xox
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Beauty: Makeup Must Haves

Even if you don’t wear makeup, i definitely recommend everyone gets a little personal Vaseline for their lips!

These are my MUST have products because they hydrate your lips much better than any lipgloss ever will!

They are super small and you can get them at Walgreens, Wal Mart, Target, etc for basically $1 :) they even introduced a “Rose” color. That’s the one I’m obsessed with right now. The regular one was given to me by my friend and I ran out and bought more! Do you like Vaseline for your lips? x

Currently Reading: The Shiver Triology

Hey guys! So I wanted to share what I’m currently reading because I just finished the first book of the series called “Shiver” and it was AMAZING! The story is about a girl who falls in love with a wolf but he isn’t just a wolf ;)

There are 3 books in the series! The second is called “Linger” and the third is called “Forever” I definitely recommend grabbing a copy. Pretty sure you can also find it for free online but I won’t tell you where CUZ it’s worth the buy!

What are you guys currently reading? x


Throwback Style: Featuring Dolls Kill

Hey guys! So I just came across these two different looks I posted last year for Dolls Kill #dollskill and it’s one of my favorite shoots so I just wanted to repost it! Ha! I shot the look two different ways. They sent me a really cool Army Green fishnet top/coverup and I my first thought was this is perfect for the beach just by itself! 

Then obviously you would want to wear it as an everyday outfit too though so I put together an edgier look ;) 

I love this fishnet top so much! It’s currently in storage with most of my other clothes (I’m getting them out next week! Woo hoo!) but what do you think would you wear it and how would you style it? x 



Lifestyle: Goals Before 2015 Ends

Hey everyone! So I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of things and I just haven’t been able to lately… My mind loves to drift away into the land of nothing but daydreams (and spending time with you 💕). So hopefully this weekend I’m going to be getting a new car… That will definitely help get my mind back on track. I feel very trapped here (even though you manage to come see me still ☺️). I made a list of goals for myself for the year 2015 and I wanted to share them with you! But first, I got some new makeup including a new shade of redlipstick and I wanted to share them. I accidentally rubbed off part of my eyeliner and didn’t have it with me so I couldn’t fix it… :/ 


Anyway tho.. The makeup I got is really fun! Just some basics plus new lip gloss and Chapstick from Burts Bees! I’m trying out a new line called “Yes To” and I’m using Grapefruit this month. And a Curling Defining Cream in Coconut from Yes to as well :)

I also got a little nail kit and a glittery purple bag to put my daily stuff in. Now onto my goals!

First of all, after i get my new car, I’m back in action! Obviously 2015 went by really fast and is almost over (almost 9 months in!) so I don’t have much time left especially since I lost my computer and camera… But I still have aspirations so I’m taking it slow until I’m fully back on my feet!

1) Create a new collection for my clothing line (whether it’s under the same name or not the designs need to come first) and I want them released before the end of the year! Which is possible if I work my ass off!

2) Be apart of at least one acting project! I was supposed be be apart of a short last month but then I totaled my car and had to back out :( so I really hope I’m able to find some more acting roles. One isn’t even much to ask for. Maybe I should am for 3.

3) Be in a magazine as a model one time this year. I have no problem booking shoots and going to events but I want a legit modeling job where I get a tearsheet not just promoting an event or a simple paid photo shoot. I want to be apart of something creative again.

4) Get my clothing line sold in 3 more stores (preferably one on Melrose Ave) I know how and what I’m supposed to do, I do have my line in some stores, but I want it to be in MORE by the end of the year!

5) Lastly… I dropped out of college and I literally have 3-4 more classes to finish before I get my Graphic Design Certificate and like 6 before I get BOTHA Graphic Design and Web Design… I really want to finish at least those 4 classes for my Graphic Design Certificate this year then hopefully in Spring finish off the other two then start finishing my main classes. It’s time already! 

Other than that just getting a car and replacing my other stuff would be great! My computer was almost $4k though so… That might be next years goals LOL how about you guys? x