Latest Addictions: 420 Fashion

Although I am not “addicted” to weed clothing, they have been getting extremely popular since last summer. From Marijuana leaf leggings, to hats and socks, 420 is no longer a day to celebrate anymore, because it’s just like any other day now. Although, not ALL marijuana clothing designs are over done and out played. Brands like HUF have made huge names for themselves and Blackmilk Clothing made those bright green marijuana leggings and crop tops super popular. However, some of them aren’t so bad.



Classic sayings are still cool.  Whether it says “high” or “stoned” it’s still better than just a leaf.



The style of this shirt is super cool! I love the loose fit, vintage look, and no sleeves. Although, I can’t personally wear it because I would get in trouble haha. No upside down crosses for me, thanks.



For those who don’t know what “bright” marijuana leaf pattern is so popular in all forms, (leggings, dresses, crop tops, etc.) this is it! It was awesome when they first came out! I was obsessed. Now, I’m kind of over it. I want more original styles not just leaves?


Get stoned in style! Happy 420 everyone! :) x
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Photo Diary: Newport Beach is NOT Boring

Hey! So I mentioned that my friends and I have literally been living on the beach. Mostly Venice and Santa Monica.  But the other day my friend wanted to go to a “different” beach, so we found ourselves in Newport but didn’t stay very long.  They found the regular beach with just sand and water “boring” and we left with a hour left on our parking meter… I had fun tho. It wasn’t my first time at Newport beach tho, so I’m not sure what they were expecting?


It was a beautiful day, I tried to get some shots of these surfers but they were too far away for me to photograph :( I need lenses! Lots of different glass to play with woo! I wish…



I rarely go into the water when I go to the beach and if I do it’s not very far into the water… mainly because it’s really cold and I don’t like the cold also because my largest fear is sharks. I cannot handle sharks. No lie.



Then, I went over to shoot these purple flowers but noticed they were covered in bees… so, I decided to shoot the bees instead :P


I love bees.




I’m so impatient with my shooting… a lot of these are completely overexposed just because I was lazy. Shame on me. I really love the bee photo tho… The second one with the bee in motion. He didn’t seem to even notice I was there, although I’m sure he did. I’m really behind on blogging so… multiple days coming at your right now :P x
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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: Standfor “Smoke Less” Collection

Hey guys! I got the opportunity to sell you guys the “Smoke Less” collection from Standfor Talk Your Walk! The collection is now available for sale to Rosie Says Hello bloggers through this special link ONLY!Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 1.42.51 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 1.43.28 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 1.44.12 PM

Their new collection “Smoke Less” is really colorful and you get to choose through different options for all of the designs! I’m really into these high top shoes but they also come in low top designs as well.Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 1.44.31 PM


There are shoes for both men and women and they are only available right now to Rosie Says Hello followers through this link! Check them out! The link is only valid until 4/19 so get them while they last! x

PS. If you have chosen to follow BOTH my blogs Rosie Says Hello and Rogue Daisies, you might notice a lot of blogs are going to be repetitive for the next week or so while I transition all my collaborations over there.
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Just Sayin’ Hello: New JERK Beanies in my Store!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been blogging it’s been a huge month for me. Of course you already know about me in the process of moving which really restricts my time.  But I’ve also been working on my companies. My shop Rogue Daisies is now more of a fashion, beauty + lifestyle blog with an online shop because I cannot legally use Rosie Says Hello to affiliate or advertise with ads.  Therefore my blog will now be hosted on it’s own host and I’ll be “professionally” blogging over at Rogue Daisies and it will also have an online shop featuring my favorite styles.  Rosie Says Hello will be more for my personal acting (on set) and modeling updates and personal life updates… less professionally :P My clothing line I’m A Jerk Industries is also on go again.  New clothing will unfortunately need to wait only because I broke my silk screen dryer and need $300 to replace it… but new accessories are coming soon… STARTING TONIGHT!


Tonight my friend and I started working on new accessories for I’m A Jerk and I’m so excited about all of them I want to put out these beanies TONIGHT! One size fits most, unisex so guys have no excuse anymore! The logo is changing and the new clothing won’t have HEARTS on all the designs anymore, per popular demand of all my guy friends… haha.



New JERK beanies are now available! Custom made just for you Jerks available in both black and white (unisex!) So now both genders can totally start rocking I’m A Jerk around town! ;)

11121777_1581421945464548_8951687499392440286_o\ 11146115_1581421848797891_2591340362973465827_o

Feel free to add me on snap chat if you’d like :) my username is rosependleton

Then I loved them so much I went hog wild on photobooth :P

Photo on 4-13-15 at 10.36 PM #3

Photo on 4-13-15 at 10.36 PM #5

Photo on 4-13-15 at 10.36 PM #6

The black one matched my PJs… haha so that’s the one I’m wearing right now :) What do you think of them? They’re on sale this week only for only $10.00 at! Check them out! Sale ends 4/17 at midnight then they go up to $12.00! LOADS more stuff coming soon, Rogue Daisies is going to start carrying super cute lingerie and the beanies will be available in both stores.. same price ;D x Check it out!

Photos + Art: The Walls in Venice

Venice is well known for it’s culture and skateboarding + it’s artwork. I decided to share these in a DIFFERENT blog than my photo diary because really I just loved the artwork that was painted in the alley ways! ;)








This is the only alleyway I shot but it was a lot of fun walking up and down taking photos of the wall. I was trying to teach my friend how to do SLIGHT movements so it gives a glow but doesn’t cause double exposure. I think they came out pretty good :) What are your thoughts? Have you ever been to Venice? Would you like to go? You can view the photos from my entire photo diary at my Flickr. x
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Photo Diary: Winter On the Beach

Hey guys! So this past Winter, I found myself on the beach more often in this one season, then I have my entire life! I’ve basically just been spending all my spare time in Venice and Santa Monica with my friends and it’s been a blast! Yesterday we actually went to Laguna Beach and I partially got into the water :P but that’s a different story.









I ended up going shopping along the boardwalk and getting these sunglasses and this Cali shirt (I wore it EVERYWHERE for like a week straight after that). Venice is a strange place, but I feel at home there and my friends all say I look like I belong. Ha! You can view ALL of the photos from this day at my Flickr.

My Look:
Shirt: Venice Beach
Pants: Bullhead
Beanie: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Venice Beach

Photos taken with Canon Rebel Xti
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