Art Show Featuring I’m A Jerk Industries

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Hey guys! So this past Saturday (a little late I know) I was apart of an art show featuring many talented people (unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of their works oops, I was a little busy!) Anyways, it was a lot of fun! We got there and setup before anyone else arrived then slowly all the other artists plus guests started coming in. I forgot how much fun these events can be! I would love to do more of them very soon. Unfortunately I’m currently sold out of quite a few shirts :/

1558585_1516809901925753_2824467305922025991_n 10628333_1516809415259135_1615435524386024621_n 10801670_1516809675259109_2032170382530163324_n 10846118_1516809708592439_6802128422972770917_n



We have decided we are changing I’m A Jerk’s logo for all the new designs including reprinted ones to the bleeding GHOST design with the triangle eye. More designs especially for guys are coming very soon! Follow I’m A Jerk Industries on Instagram @imajerkind x
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Latest Obsessions: Purple Running Shoes

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Hey guys! So recently me and my friend have been going running and I noticed that I really don’t have any appropriate running shoes! For the past few weeks that we’ve gone I’ve been using my black boots, chuck taylors and once even thought of using my cleats which probably would have been more support for my feet but decided against it in the end. However, I decided to look up some nice running shoes incase me and my friend continue to run. Mainly because running is something I really enjoy and will do regardless of if I get new shoes. So if that’s the case might as well invest in some foot and ankle protection! You can never been too careful. I wanted to find some nice purple shoes so I started with those.

shopping-2 shopping-3 shopping-4 product photo shoot product photo shootMost of them are Nike, but I kind of like Adidas more, not biased or anything *looks around* If I had nice shoes I’d probably go running a lot more. Which are your favourite? Do you prefer Nike, Adidas or something different? x
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Rosie Says Hello x Rogue Daisies Giveaway

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Hey guys! So my little store Rogue Daisies (the website is down until Saturday December 6th) is launching with some new arrivals this Saturday and in honor of that, I wanted to do a little giveaway for one of the “Grab Something” Mickey Hands Crop Top! You can view the entire photoshoot at my Buzznet!




Here’s how to enter!
1) Like Rogue Daisies on Facebook!
2) Follow Rosie Says Hello on either or
3) Comment on this post with the email address & username that you used for #1 & #2.

The contest ends on December 16, 2014 (two weeks) the winner will be announced RIGHT here on my blog (and of course contacted by email ;)) It is open to all. Don’t forget to head over to my Buzznet to see the entire photoshoot! Good luck! x
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Daily Outfit: Grab Something

Daily Outfit, Fashion

The new products have finally arrived for my new store (unfortunately due to complications the website will be down until Friday) they will be up for sale this Friday! Be sure to follow Rogue Daisies on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook











Skirt Wet Seal
Boots Laundrylist
Jewelry Vintage
Button Up Shirt Vintage 1970’s
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On Set of SOS

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Hey guys! So Sunday night was my first official day back into “acting” it wasn’t a large role but I had no other plans for that day so I went with it! I’m so glad I did too I had a blast! I made some crazy new friends.





The music video was for a hip hop artist/rapper. It was your basic club music video. I got to dance in the very front and be the bartender! They had an awesome bar too!



We sipped on rootbeer and iced tea haha I had tea.



The shoot didn’t last long at all only about four hours. We shot in downtown LA.



Acting always makes me realize I love it more than anything else I do and that everything else is just a backup plan. I need more roles! :P
IG: @rosiesayshello
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How To Style: 90’s Grunge

Fashion, How To Style

Hey guys! So this week I was obsessed with 90’s fashion because of an article I read for Rogue Daisies. I decided to style a shoot that was “90’s grunge” and I came up with two looks. I really like how they came out. The first look is has leather, oversided denim on denim + plaid.

 The bad hair day beanie is avaliable for sale at! :)

Look number two was a remake of a photo I saw from a 90’s editorial! They paired loud animal prints with sweats rolled up over them with a small top and untied boots! I also used red eyeshadow for eyeliner which turned out exactly how I wanted it to!

These retro styled floral sunglasses and hot pink triangle earrings are avaliable for sale at!

You can check out the entire gallery of photos at my Buzznet so you can see the full look and then come back and tell me in the comments below which outfit is your favourite! x

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F.A.C.E. Runway Show

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Hey guys! So I have SOOOOO much to catch up on when it comes to blogging! First of all, last night I got to attend F.A.C.E. Runway Fashion Show and it was amazing! I went with my friend Naami Jane who happens to be one of my companies lovely models and she was wearing an amazing dress by Emil Sulaiman and it definitely got almost as much attention as the fashion show itself! Unfortunately we arrived a little late, I had a flat tire and left an hour behind schedule so we didn’t have a change to get any interviews with the designers or musicians but I did make a large amount of videos which are currently being edited! :)

This was my first event I’ve gone to since last LA Fashion Week in 2013 and I must say, last night was amazing. I’ll definitely, definitely be doing a LOT more. There are so many photos to share from this event I don’t even know where to begin!





IMG_0647 IMG_0648



After the red carpet, we headed to the side of the stage and got to watch some amazing performers.





They also had a selfie contest. :P







My Instagram and Snapchat feeds were ridiculous! You should follow me on both for future events ;) Instagram: rosiesayshello Snapchat: rosependleton we actually attended for my new company Rogue Daisies! You can check out all the photos and the video from last night at in just a little bit x
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How To Style: My Wedding by Loverly

Beauty, Fashion, How To Style

Hey guys! So, I was given the opportunity to plan and style my wedding! I searched throughout the website to get some inspiration and found the most amazing dress! It’s shorter in the front and longer in the back, but still classy enough to be considered a classic wedding dress! It shows off the shoes very well so you have to make sure the shoes are great! The wedding dress is from a really amazing wedding website with the best collection of wedding dresses and wedding planning!

The dress I picked is called Lisanthus and I love how it looks traditional with a hint of modern but remains classy and almost princess like :) I think the dress overall shows a cute/quirky side to the bride and you won’t have to lift up your dress if it touches the ground! I think the style I choose is more towards the modern side simply because I would have it outdoors, the dress is short, I choose sandals instead of heels and there will be flowers everywhere.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.43.57 AM






Although I like the dress, I still want it to be classy. Envision my entire wedding as classic, but outdoors in a field with flowers. Wooden benches for the guests to sit on. Rustic, but still traditional. I wanted to pair the short dress with heels, but I ran across these sandals and actually fell in with more of a modern hippy look.

My flowers are red roses mixed with daisies so I of course want to top off the look with elegant locks held together by daisies! Daisies are my favourite flower if you weren’t aware! For the makeup, I wanted a soft look, light rose blush to highlight the cheeks. Classic red lipstick with large black eyelashes. I have had long eyelashes my entire life and have only worn fake ones once. I LOVED how they looked but everyone thinks my eyelashes are already fake haha. My wedding day will have nice thick full eyelashes :) The makeup I choose is meant to be more soft and subtle rather than bold because the day should of course be about natural beauty and too much makeup with such an outdoorsy sandal wearing event may come off too strong!

Perhaps my style will change when it’s time for me to get married, in the mean time, head over to and tell me which wedding dress you would choose for your big day! They have an amazing collection! x
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Sneak Peek: Rogue Daisies Product Shots


Hey guys so I wanted to get your opinion. I used to shoot in front of my white garage (very unprofessional I know) ever since moving I’ve been looking for a solid wall and I ironically found it right in my bedroom! Only thing is is that the lighting is very off and I don’t have any lighting equipment nor can I afford at this time to buy some for my project :(

Hopefully in the future. So I wanted to share some product shots with you for your thoughts to see if they look somewhat okay or if I should just shoot outside without a solid background?





What do you think? xo
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Daily Outfit: Cherry On Top

Daily Outfit, Fashion







I some of these photos are blurry :/ I spent two hours taking product shots for my new shop only to realize they were all out of focus hahahha. Anywayssss this was my outfit yesterday I tried blogging last night but it didn’t work out :/

Skirt: Forever 21
Top: Forever 21