My Acting Diary: Somewhere Over the Valley


Hey guys, so I’ve decided to make Rosie Says Hello more of a personal blog/portfolio… of my work and just use Rogue Daisies for fashion. :) With that said, recently I’ve been signed onto two different short films one is called Rock Blvd where I play Lizzie a girl from the 1970’s obsessed with Rock and Roll and is guitarist in a band.  The second is a short called Elsewhere about a man overcoming a car accident with the help and support of his girlfriend!  The other day was the table read for Elsewhere and I arrived a little early so the director and I decided to do a little photoshoot just to waist some time! :P







I’m into them, then I’m not. They have a definite “cool” vibe to them with the blue and a definite “artsy” vibe with the blur.  I’m loving the guitar and how it randomly matched my outfit for the day. Too bad Lizzie my character is a little less fashion-y and little more rockstar like hah.

The necklace will be available in my store Rogue Daisies within the next month.  Also seriously considering carrying these “Dope” body/swimsuits! The white is a tad see-through when wet which is why I hesitated for so long to shoot in it.  However, I’m over that and can’t wait to find the perfect photographer to make that shoot a reality!

I’ve also been busy working on updating a script for a web series I wrote a few years ago! I’m teaming up with the director of these two shorts to possibly make my web series a reality! Either way I definitely want to get some more shorts that I’ve directed up on my Youtube and my website (this one). I can’t wait to get back into acting.  The last time I was on a set was last November when I appeared in a music video for a rap duo.  It was pretty cool though. :) Goals, goals, goals! Tread on my lovers. x

Photos: Misan Akuya
Necklace: Rogue Daisies
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Follow my NEW blog: Rogue Daisies

Hey guys! I’ve decided to I want to try to work full time on my new blog Rogue Daisies! Meaning I’m going to be posting over there rather than over here from now on!  You can follow my new blog at or at Bloglovin: you can also follow my new social media accounts below!



I’m also going to be hosting multiple giveaways for each platforms to promote so follow to win a bunch of free stuff! Thanks for following Rosie Says Hello while it was around! :) xo

Just Sayin’ Hello: Rodeo Dr!

Hey guys! So this past week I had an amazing opportunity where my best friend invited me to stay with him on Rodeo Dr! It was a LOT of fun, you should definitely follow me on Snapchat so in the future so you can see all the behind the scenes photos and videos from the shoots! My username is “rosependleton”. Anyways, I haven’t see my best friend in a while and the hotel was of course really nice because hello it was on Rodeo Dr! We did a little photoshoot just for fun.  I wanted to go outside because it was 3am and there were lights everywhere super quiet and peaceful.
IMG_1200 2
IMG_1199 2
I had a lot of fun and I think the photos came out great! What do you think? I had to censor them haha, sorry! x
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Just Sayin’ Hello: Hiatus

My blog has turned to shit and I’ll tell you why. I’m not going to go into a huge social media takeover of the entire imagination and creativity of writing, but I could. Ever since Twitter appeared, blogs became short 140 character sentences or thoughts that made it harder to “collect” thoughts for a blog later that haven’t already been posted.  Then Instagram appeared and words disappeared completely and were replaced by emoji’s… slowly my blog died. And to be honest I don’t have the same passion as I once had with it.

I’m not ending it, but I think I’m taking a small break from Rosie Says Hello.  I started a new project a few months ago called Rogue Daisies which is ALMOST the same thing, but not really. It’s more than Rosie Says Hello is.  I want it to be an online magazine almost.  Covering all areas of pop culture including entertainment (TV Shows, Movies, etc.) music, food, AS WELL AS style posts.  Not saying Rosie Says Hello couldn’t do that before… but Rosie Says Hello had a lot of things holding me back legally.

So… with my new project, I hope to start fresh and gain a large following quickly… but I also hope to add more WORDS to my ARTICLES over there… I want to put more work into my posts and make the website an actual source for original content from events created by MORE than just one writer, different styles from all over the world and different types of music and foods… rather than just “my favorite nail polish color this week”.  My blogs are bland. I’m getting bored. I need to spice it up. I’m also looking for contributors so if you’re interested in writing about ANY AREA OF LIFE. Email me.

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Rogue Daisies

Daily Style: Picnic In the Backyard

IMG_1031 IMG_1033 IMG_1035 IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1039

Hey guys! So new arrivals are starting to flow into my possession for my shop Rogue Daisies including this super cute Bandana Picnic Triangle Top! So in love with it because its really flowy and comfortable! Also going to be carrying HUF socks soon! And Crystal jewelry! What do you think of it? Stoked for the new arrivals? x

Top: Rogue Daisies
Shorts: Falla’s
Boots: Falla’s
Socks: Rogue Daisies

Haylie Duff Gives Birth to a Girl!

Hey guys! SO I usually try to stay away from gossip haha, but I love love LOVE the Duff sisters so much so I was super excited to find out that Luca got a new cousin yesterday! :D

Haylie Duff and her fiance, Mark Rosenberg gave birth to a baby girl last night and they’ve named her Ryan! I LOVE the name Ryan for a girl! I think it’s super cute and unique :) My friend used to spell her’s with two N’s at the end!



What do you think of her name? I can’t wait to see a photo! x

Latest Addictions: 420 Fashion

Although I am not “addicted” to weed clothing, they have been getting extremely popular since last summer. From Marijuana leaf leggings, to hats and socks, 420 is no longer a day to celebrate anymore, because it’s just like any other day now. Although, not ALL marijuana clothing designs are over done and out played. Brands like HUF have made huge names for themselves and Blackmilk Clothing made those bright green marijuana leggings and crop tops super popular. However, some of them aren’t so bad.



Classic sayings are still cool.  Whether it says “high” or “stoned” it’s still better than just a leaf.



The style of this shirt is super cool! I love the loose fit, vintage look, and no sleeves. Although, I can’t personally wear it because I would get in trouble haha. No upside down crosses for me, thanks.



For those who don’t know what “bright” marijuana leaf pattern is so popular in all forms, (leggings, dresses, crop tops, etc.) this is it! It was awesome when they first came out! I was obsessed. Now, I’m kind of over it. I want more original styles not just leaves?


Get stoned in style! Happy 420 everyone! :) x
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