Confessions of a Shopaholic: 2/24/15

Hey guys! So we all know how much I LOVE all of Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Masks and last time I didn’t get to grab the “Rose Brightening Facial Mask” for dull skin. Stoked to try that out! I also dyed my hair again ;)


Don’t worry… I haven’t gone lavender… Yet :D depending on these projects I’m currently working for (although purple hair might be good for my character Lizzie in Rock Blvd but I would need to talk to the director!) I wouldn’t be able to dye it purple until after I finish all the projects I’m signed onto… But I finally BOUGHT the purple hair dye!

Been waiting to dye my hair purple for so many years! No no not forever. I’m a red head for life! But it would be fun to have lavender hair over the summer, no?

Lol I also went a little hog wild on lipsticks. It’s weird I love red lipstick but I can’t pull off all shades of it because of my hair… Either way I got some new lipstick colors too :P and I finally got around to replacing my “Mint Mojito” nail polish which I’ve been rocking to work all week!


For some reason I had a huge brain fart and forgot which brand of lipstick is my favorite. I ended up getting the cold cases because my favorite brand for lipstick is also gold but I failed haha. Either way they are great shades!


One is called “British Red” its a classic! The other is slightly tinted red orange and its called “Volcanic” and the pink is called “Ballerina” super sweet name for a nice shade of lipstick.

Ah… :) will my obsessions with red and pink lipstick ever end? And will I ever rock orange and purple in my normal daily makeup? The world my never know lol

x, Rose
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The Burger Gallery: 2/22 – 2/24




Hey guys so remember a few years ago I would take photos of EVERY cheeseburger I eat (I eat a lot of cheeseburgers ha!) Well I decided to start doing that again! Mainly because I simply LOVE cheeseburgers!

Usually I would post them individually but since I’m a tad behind this week I bulked these ones together :P

So enjoy my photos of cheeseburgers sorry some of the photos are horrible quality! Yikes :/ I do plan on replacing my iPhone within the next month or two promise promise! :) x

x, Rose
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Accessorize It: Lipstick Pipe

Hey guys! So I got this awesome little lipstick pipe and it is my new favorite pipe. First I was a little confused because I only opened one end and I didn’t know how to get it to be an actual pipe haha.



It seriously looks like a lipstick case from the outside and the great part is that you can pack your bowl close it and save it for later or take it with you on the go!


The pipe doesn’t have a carb hole, but it hits smooth and it gives great hits even with the small size!


The bowl is a lot larger than I thought it would be too its smaller than one of my other pipes but had a bigger bowl :P


I love the design too! The colors red and black. I know they make them in different colors but red lipstick is a classic. This little pipe just made it to my “Survival Items” list! It fits directly in my makeup bag or my purse and doesn’t attract any attention to itself. I can basically take it anywhere I want and have it all ready to go, then close it up after a couple of hits and keep going about my day. If it has a flaw it only seems to be that without it being in my makeup bag I tend to set it down and lose it constantly. Ha! What do you guys think of them? Amazing accessory or not TOO much just to smoke a bowl? Be sure to check out this lipstick pipe! The website is amazing and has tons of awesome pipes and other fun 420 collectables, x

x, Rose
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Makeup Tutorial: Daily Makeup Routine

Hey guys so this is one of those repeat blogs :P of my daily makeup routine it’s listed as a tutorial but really is more of a guideline of how I do mine! I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup just a little foundation, bronzer, mascara and sometimes eyeliner. I love wearing red lipstick but with my red hair it makes me look somewhat like a clown sometimes depending on the SHADE of the lipstick. I also really need to re-dye my hair.

IMG_3825 IMG_3824

Alright so for my daily makeup I use the following:

Revlon “Photoready” Liquid Foundation (Vanilla 002)
Revlon “Photoready” Instafix Foundation Stick (Vanilla 002)
Revlon Concealer Stick (Light)
Physician’s Formula “Summer Eclipse” Bronzer
Loreal Double Extend Mascara (Black) IMG_3819

I also ended up buying this “Nearly Naked” in the same color only because all the Wal Marts and Walgreens were out of my color for almost two weeks in the “Photoready”. It worked well but I prefer the “Photoready” line because I like the way it makes my skin look.

The Insta-Fix foundation stick is one of my items in my survival kit! (The things I can’t leave without, I’ll tell you all my items later!) only because it really does the job! I use it to make the underneath of my eyes look better so I don’t have to get any eye primer. Also if I use any eyeshadow I have a eyeshadow base that keeps your makeup on longer even if you use “Elf” products (which are GREAT) but tend to fade quicker than Mac products.IMG_3828 IMG_3829I really like adding a little extra of the Insta-Fix foundation onto certain areas of my skin like around my nose, I mentioned underneath my eyes, my forehead because it tends to shine a lot quicker than any other part of my face, etc…


After applying my foundation I usually look really dead. My skin is very pale but I have a lot of blushing or red without makeup… so I apply bronzer for a more natural tanned look rather than blush which gives a more rosy look. I also tend to put a little on my forehead, chin and nose just for some additional color.


The Double Extend Mascara by Loreal is my favorite. I originally bought it because I wanted WHITE mascara, which you can see is pictured above. The thing is is the white part (although you can use it for mascara) is more of a base for the black to really extend your lashes to their fullest length!


After applying the black, I would usually curl my eyes but sometimes I don’t like to since it tends to pull on your lashes, I know you’re supposed to curl them BEFORE you start putting on the mascara but I notice they curl a lot more if you do it after.  I only do this for events that I attend and that’s if someone else is not doing my makeup. It tends to pull out your eyelashes obviously.


My last step is eyeliner. Lately, I’ve been only wearing a small amount halfway through my eyelid. I used to wear a lot more makeup but I notice as I get older you really do realize that less is more. This isn’t really meant to be a tutorial for applying makeup (although I DO plan on doing some probably via video) but more of a show and tell of how I do my daily routine! What do you usually wear on the daily? Do you wear a lot of makeup or not as much? x

x, Rose
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Confessions of a Shopaholic: 02/15/15

Hey guys! So I’ve been getting little fun things in the mail randomly for those of you who remember it’s mostly new lingerie and swimsuits! I got a couple of new things in this week :)


These bralettes are my favorite! They are super light and perfect for tops! The back of them is straps! You might have to wait for me to model them.


But they are caged bras. So stoked to wear them for Spring too.

I also got a new DOPE swimsuit which is my favorite hehe and some bright orange lingerie because black and red aren’t the only colors!


Still waiting on some more things I ordered :) lots of new things to shoot in too.

Next I need to invest in a bunch of black clothes for my new job and new shoes… What do you need to buy?

x, Rose
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Just Sayin’ Hello: Goodbye Valentine’s?

Hey guys! So first of all, you might notice that the site looks a bit different… and that there are NO POSTS on it! The horror! Well, after three years of blogging, I finally got fed up with the lack of organization and endless amount of dead images.  After months of debating I’ve decided to start fresh with a clean slate.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.54.14 PM

The site now has all the different categories listed at the top complete with drop down lists for sub categories. Obviously since my blog currently has no posts, all of them would be empty at the moment. I’m going to be reposting some of the more recent ones like My Daily Makeup Routine as well as some older ones like How To Style Your BF’s Clothes, and of course new articles as well! I hope the site becomes much easier to navigate, it’s a lot nicer in the admin area already!

I guess I’ve been MIA for a little bit. I once again had a HUGE blog week planned for the week of Valentine’s Day and it ended up not working out at all! First my computer died, then my phone was stolen, then my car was in the shop and it was extra hard to get around town! Horrible, horrible! My actual Valentine’s DAY was a little weird as well. I actually left the day before to film a road trip movie but the RV the crew got broke down outside of Phoenix, and it wouldn’t be fixed until Tuesday, so they decided to fly me home on the 14th. I arrived to an BEAUTIFUL gift from an AMAZING friend Nicholas.


The flowers are still alive and sitting in my room. They smell great! The box squished them a little bit but they survived their shipping! LOL


At first I was scared of the white chocolate star because it had a jelly filling but it turns out it was raspberry (which is my favorite flavor ever duh!) and ended up being my all time fav out of the chocolates mmm! Also, I haven’t decided if I want to name my teddy bear or just keep him Teddy! Any suggestions? Hope you don’t mind me cleaning up my blog a little bit and you stick with me for future posts! Sorry to those of you who might get some “double” posts in the next week or two from me reposting a couple of previous blogs ;)

I have my car back, I have my computer back, I start both my new jobs tomorrow working for Style Equation Magazine as their Advertising Rep and I got hired as a photographer for Adams School Photography, just a local studio for school portraits near LA. Wish me luck, I have to be up at the crack of dawn!

x, Rose
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