Halloween Inspiration: Scary Makeup

Hey guys! I went looking for some scary makeup ideas because this year I want to be a dead bumble bee! Yeah you heard me right! Here are some of my FAVOURITE scary makeup inspirations ❤️







My favourite is probably the Jigsaw character but I might be biased since that’s my favourite horror film series hehe ;)

I also really love all the zipper makeup that’s going around. Too bad bees don’t wear zippers! Haha.

Contacts really make outfits don’t they? I need black ones all black before Halloween! Swap meet here I come!

Scary makeup isn’t your style? Check out my favourite colourful Halloween makeup inspiration at my new site RogueDaisies.com!

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It’s In Fashion To Care by Pinkberry




Hey guys! So I just wanted to make a small announcement for those of you in the area where they sell Pinkberry. If you don’t know Pinkberry is some AMAZING yogurt that I love love love. Today I was informed that they are having a little “it’s in fashion to care” campaign where they are helping raise money for Breast Cancer.



Now until October 30th if you are able to head out to a Pinkberry, order a Apple Pie a la mode and Pinkberry will make a donation! Help them reach their goal, because it’s in fashion to care! x

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Latest Obsessions: Bath time!

Hey guys, so I wanted to share some things that I have really been obsessing more than usual this month… for your BATH! ;)


Pairing different colored flowers to match the scents of your bath salt / soaps. For example lilac and lavender bath salt with purple flower petals or rose scented bath salt with red and pink flower petals! Or even orange and yellow flowers with citrus smells like lemon and orange.


You can also add potpourri of all kinds to add to the room you can use flowers or spices. Even citrus smells or mint. The list goes on and on. You can find a basic potpourri recipe here and then add your own scents to each one!


The last thing you need is matching scented candles (or regular ones) haha Make sure all the smells match though and that the scents are overpowering each other or too strong but just the right amount of aroma for the room and for your skin to soak up ;)


Some scents are stronger than others so watch the amount you use but have fun! Tell me what your favourite bath scents are! Right now I’m obsessing Vanilla Rose, Lavender & Rose Petal bath salts! Cinnamon and apples are my favourite smells from the kitchen though ;) x

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Latest Obsession: Triangle Cage & Alexa Ring by Amarilo


I MUST have BOTH of these from Amarilo Jewelry! They’re having a sample sale with Haati Chai today for those of you in Los Angeles. Unfortunately I’m going out of town. :( someone pick one up for me! Check out their jewelry at: http://www.amarilojewelry.com ;)

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Grand Theft Autumn







From my photoshoot the other day. I’m really rusty and haven’t had the time to shoot! Definitely need to start getting back into the groove. Been way too busy working on my shop Wild Violet :) I really hope to open a boutique one day and it’s actually looking really positive! So stoked for the new Fall arrivals!

What’s your favourite part of Fall? x

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Halloween Costume Ideas

So I keep mentioning that I want to be Emily for Halloween for years now! I think this is the year. So I wanted to get some inspiration for her look. Check it out I don’t know how I’m going to pull this off haha.








Do you think I can pull it off? I’m going to try to find the dress at a thrift store :) wish me luck!

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Latest Obsession: Beanies

Hey guys, so incase you didn’t notice, I’ve been wearing a LOT of beanies even throughout the entire summer where temperatures went above 100 degrees. I was obsessed. I am obsessed. I wanted to share some beanies that I found that I really love. I’m into beanies that have large words on them but some of these have a graphic on the side or something. Check them out and let me know which one is your fav!







I just ordered some new things for my shop Wild Violet including some rad beanies! The “You Can’t Sit With Us” beanies are being RESTOCKED very soon! Get ready for new arrivals :) Anyways, other than that for fall I’m just obsessing over smells like cinnamon and apples. I drink iced chai’s all year around so I’m into spice! I’m going to start baking very soon! Starting this week, I’m not sure what though, but it’s time to use my apron for more than boiling water ha. What’s your favourite beanie above and what’s your favourite pastry/sweets for Fall? x

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Tea Art for Tea Lovers

Hey loves, so last night I ran across an amazing tea bag shaped like a skull. I’m a huge tea lover, so I wanted to check out some more “tea bag art” and found some really cute little kitties and hearts. Check them out!






The skull and ghost are totally my favourite, which do you like? Have you seen these before? Send more more if you have them! x

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