Latest Obsession: Cut Out Mesh Dress

Hey guys! Recently when I’ve been shopping for my brand I’m A Jerk Industries I’ve noticed I’ve been obsessing over these cocktail styled cut out little black dresses all of different styles!  I know a few years ago I was very “anti” little black dress because you blend in with the crowd but that’s not true at all! As a matter of fact I wore this style dress to October 2013 LA Fashion Week last year! Check out how I styled it.


With very simple styling techniques you can turn any little black dress into the outfit of the evening and BUT with these “cut out” dresses you can show off a little skin but still stay classy! My dress had mesh but no cut outs or body fitting shapes! Lately I’ve been obsessing over the more form fitting verison rather than the “baby doll” styled dress that comes out at your waist.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.32.50 PM

Check out this very simple yet perfect design of a Cut Out Mesh Dress! Sheer enough to show skin elegantly yet wild enough to be the party animal! You can wear it to school very casually or even dress it up so much it could pass for Prom! It’s form fitting material is made of chiffon and it’s available in more colors than you can image at for 70% off the original but only for the next five days!

Check out some of celebrities who have rocked this Cut Out Mesh Dress on trend on the carpet!



Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.43.09 PM

Plus they don’t ALWAYS have to be short either.


What do you think of this style trend? Love it or hate it? Love PART of it such has Mesh but hate the cut out? Let me know your opinion! And don’t forget to grab one of those form fitting cut out dresses on sale now for 70% off before it ends! xo

Daily Outfit: Alienated







IMG_0042 IMG_0047





Hype my look:

Shoes: Payless
Top: Forever 21
Dress: eBay
Tote bag: I’m A Jerk Industries
Bracelets: Forever 21
Ring + Earrings: I’m A Jerk Industries
Leggings: eBay

New arrivals will start coming to this month! Also, I’m closing/combining Wild Violet with I’m A Jerk so there’s less to take of and easier to promote! :)

Daily Outfit: St. March

Hey guys! So this month is one of my favourite months and I have been so busy that I haven’t really had time to style anything green yet. BUT today I wanted to show off my accessories for St. Patrick’s Day which I’m sure will be styled with lots of different outfits all month long ;)
















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New accessories + clothing available this week at xo

Photo Diary: My Sister’s Babyshower

Hey guys! So these are from about a month ago! But I wanted to post them because my sister had the most BEAUTIFUL baby shower ever! Her colors were blue/teal and purple.

IMG_7727 IMG_7728 IMG_7729 IMG_7730

The rest of the photos aren’t edited but I don’t really have time to edit them and it’s been a month so. Either post it or throw it away LOL.






Minimale Animale Spring 2014

Hey guys! So is having a season sale right now on all sweaters and jackets from winter so you definitely want to check that out! ALSO they got some pretty amazing swimwear in for Summer from Minimale Animale!



I really love them! Check out the styles at and make sure you use “Rose” for 10% off everything all year long! :) xo

What I Bought: February 17, 2014

Hey guys. So the other day I went on one of the biggest shopping sprees of my life. When I got home I noticed most of it wasn’t clothes ha! I ended buying a bunch of random things for around the house like a new bronze towel rack, matching toothbrush holder & soap dispenser in lavender of course. I also got some scented candles, a new dishes set with Poppies on them, a bunch of decorations for my garden like wind chimes and rocks with bumble bee paintings on them, butterflies to stick in the flowerbed, things I don’t even remember and don’t even need. None of that is important. HA, just kidding. I was actually kind of disappointed when I learned that I only walked away with one dress, two tops, a blazer, a beanie, new slippers and a pair of socks. Why you ask? Bargain shopping of course! Everything was on sale for President’s Day weekend and EVERYTHING was really cheap.

I got two new phone cases with matching headphones. The swan case is Swarovski Crystals the other is just a cheap one that had headphones ha.


This is my collage of accessories that I got. I also got a simple white racerback tank top that fits me slightly big but it’s already in the dirty clothes basket. Anywho… to the left and earrings my everyday wear. I’ve worn that beanie almost everyday since; to the right my St. Patrick’s Day gear. ;)


I fell in love with this scarf. It’s pinks and blues and yellows, purples, oranges with cheetah print and flowers! AHHHHHH.


Just incase I work that day and just incase I don’t. St. Patrick’s Day is always and forever one of my favourite holidays because I’m Irish and why wouldn’t you like to dress up in green and get shit-faced? :) I’m planning another full month of how to style the color green a thousand different ways.  If you’ve been following my blog for a few years you’ll know what I’m talking about. Anyways, I got this green scarf, a cute glittery pair of socks and a sequin bow headband!


Finally, the clothes. I got a really nice black button up collar dress which I think would look great for business attire… or any attire really. I also got a cute floral crop top and a velvet purple blazer which will pair great with my purple velvet shoes.


I’m going to look so much like Willy Wonka it’s going to be insane. I call it my Willy Wonka blazer. No really though.


Plus I’m loving the floral trends for Spring all over again. I can’t wait for warmer weather to arrive I want to start wearing skirts again!


Lastly, these babies couldn’t get any better. Purple, check. Fuzzy, check. Zebra Print, check. I’m great for life! Or at least until my next paycheck! Did you take advantage of the sales this past weekend? What did you splurge on ;P


Scandals, Lies, Hollywood

Hey guys! So you might notice that the navigation is missing. I’ve been kind of fixing things. Anyways, so I have a couple of new projects in the works that I wanted to share. Right now I’m beginning PRE-production on a upcoming web series where I will be playing the main character AND directing it! For those of you who haven’t seen my previous short film “Secrets” take a look below:

Secrets from Rose Pendleton on Vimeo.

It was fun to make but I never really “released it” or did anything with it because we ended up losing some of the footage including the final scene so the short film never really made much sense. It was actually supposed to be a web series too but never worked out. SO since then, I have been doing acting for other people’s films but not my own. In my lifetime I’ve made over 30+ short films starting at the age of thirteen and at one time wanted to be a director. I figured why can’t I still be one? Not a professional, I don’t want to insult any real directors but directing my own short films is a lot of fun. So… I’m working on a web series called “Scandals, Lies, Hollywood” which tells the story of a girl who gets famous after landing her dream role in a movie with her idol and then spirals out of control after making it big in Hollywood.

Casting is taking place next month but I’m getting a nice crew together to help me out with everything right now. It probably won’t even start to be released until Winter but I’ll keep you updated along the way. I’ve missed acting and I just don’t have the time for it right now. (Which is hilarious because it would probably take less time to attend an audition, get cast and film someone else’s idea vs. doing my own and running everything, but since I control the filming schedule that helps me out a lot.) Regardless, it will be a BLAST. Don’t worry about everything I’m doing with I’m A Jerk Industries that’s all still happening. I also have been booking some modeling gigs including a runway show that takes place in April.

It’s great to have fun again. Well… that’s really all I wanted to share at the moment. I have to go finish my homework and then take a shower, after that I will attempt to blog (or vlog) about my gigantic shopping spree the other day. Woo! xo